The Sega Dreamcast 2, like it's predecessor the Dreamcast, flopped severely outside of Japan and Canada, it's development started at Sega of Japan on July 14, 2002 when Sega sent out to several Dev Teams a dev kit for a upcoming Sega console codenamed "Sonic" the new console had a estimated release date of late 2003 or early 2004...the game console was later announced at E3 2002 where it is called "Sega Dreamcast 2" it ran a newer version of the Dreamcast firmware, the CEO of Sega said that was just a place holder...the Dreamcast 2 became so popular on the internet that SEGA decided to not cancel the Dreamcast 2 E3 2003 a large protest occurred some of the sign's said "NO DREAMCAST NO DEAL" "BETTER RELEASE THAT DREAMCAST" etc. Sega announced in front of booing people that they would release the Dreamcast 2 under that name...this is a wip...

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